The Health Lottery is a new weekly lottery game with a guaranteed top prize of up to £100,000. epay helps The Health Lottery access thousands of multiple retailers across the UK including Tesco, Lidl, WHSmith, Clintons, BP and Morrisons, as well as local independent retailers.

The Health Lottery Scheme manages 51 separate society lotteries which operate in rotation and together represent each geographical region of Great Britain.

The epay retail network provides lottery organisations with a technology and distribution infrastructure to sell lottery games and tickets without a dedicated POS network.

Why offer lottery products using epay?

  • £250m sales opportunity
  • Prime time Saturday night draw on Channel 5
  • The customer has two chances to win, every Saturday and Wednesday night
  • At least 20% of ticket sales going to health-related causes
  • Eye-catching point of sale materials displaying The Health Lottery logo

To find out more about epay lottery products email: call +44 (0)844 800 0233 or fill in the form here.